Why Aleppo soap?

I dream of a world as pure and natural as when I was a child.

In the Antakya region, Aleppo soap is a traditional soap that has survived for centuries. In my childhood, each family produced enough houses to meet their annual needs. It is produced every year in November, dried and stored for annual consumption in completely natural conditions.

I have been connected with this soap since I was a child while producing soap at home.

Over the years, I started to produce my own soap as my family does every year. As we were producing soap that could be considered a miracle with laurel oil extracted from the laurel fruit harvested in the mountains and olive oil from our olive groves, the demand started to grow. First of all, it was shared with those around me and each user asked for it again. As interest grew, I thought that I could continue this product without changing the original production method and make it accessible.

Aleppo Soap :

- Natural

- Contains no additives

- It is formed by the combination of olive oil and laurel oil.

- Does not contain palm oil, cottonseed oil, tar or solid oil.

- The antiseptic substance contained in laurel oil cleans the cells and helps to eliminate problems.

- It can be used safely in women, men and children.

- Used on hair, face and entire body.

- Women can use it for makeup cleansing, except for the eyes.

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